It was actually sentimental reasoning that led to the founding of TeraByte. We wanted to help SMEs.

The world of development can seem to be an incredibly complex affair. For the uninitiated, terms such as Agile, Scrum, code-base, microservice, etc. are undoubtedly unknown phrases, which they may have to understand, in order to indulge in the process of developing software.

We wanted to bring the development process closer to the SME’s by removing these barriers using a common understandable language while we took on the burden of the technology. We have achieved that goal and decades later, the SME’s has become full-grown enterprises. And we serve both.

Today, for over a decade, we have been employing and applying cutting edge technology to leverage digital transformation for SMEs and global corporations alike. Our services cover the range from examining your business needs to provide continuous software support. We are a team of dedicated tech-nerds considering TeraByte to be a global platform for helping others. We believe that progress is made through cooperation, continuous learning, dedication, honesty, and relentless strive.

Thami Najim

Founder/ Lead Engineer

Our brand pillars

A quick look at them

TeraByte Software Solutions is like other companies established with earnings in focus, but unlike others, we value support, help, service, and reputation higher than earnings. With this in regard TeraByte Software Solutions always offers a fixed hourly price whether it being for development, optimization or support. We do not consider year-long experience or heavy background-knowledge as being a tool for applying further costs for our partners.

Smart & Clean Code

Providing a consistently hight-quality standard in software design and development solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

360° Isometric View

Solving business problems through a 360-degree software analysis. No matter the angle and the complexity.

Agile Methodology

Lean and agile by heart. Providing Iterative software delivery that grows based on priority and focuses on solving real business problems.


We connect our developers with innovative jobs

From all over the world, our mission is to help and provide digital solutions for enterprises, small or big, in any activity area, so they can accelerate their progress and develop their technologies.



TeraByte team members always seek to melt into your existing team-environment, thus avoiding to be regarded as the far away external developer. We provide you our help and ask your team members for their help when needed. We regard team interaction to be the key to cooperative success.


We respond to tasks with full dedication which in our glossary means going from a to z with full commitment and complete attachment to the agreed Definition of Done. We do not accept defeat, but should we be defeated, we will not be shy to admit it.


TeraByte team members are relentless in continuously upgrading skills to tame the roaring technology tidal wave and riding the cloud-native wave thus maintaining leading-edge technology skills thereby being able to genuinely help you in the best manner.


Become one of Us

We are a team of highly educated specialist developers that aims to make a change in the world by helping our clients to develop their technologies. Here you’ll find the opportunity to reach your potential, to grow and learn by working with a highly talented team and big clients.

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