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Digitization (work automation) of the production process of industrial ventilator.

The client is an international producer of industrial ventilators.

The client had an entirely manual flow for receiving orders and defining specifications for the production of industrial ventilators.
The client’s request was complete automation of the entire production flow, and thereby also a knowledge sharing from the minds and memory of a couple of employees into an it-system containing common knowledge in the form of system logic.


  • Initial phone contact

  • Definition of specs

  • Placement of proforma order

  • Order confirmation including specs and cad drawings

  • Creation of worksheets for each production unit and assembly line in the plant with scan-codes

  • Invoicing after delivery

Core benefits gained

  • Precisely defined order specifications

  • Customer can see total specs of upcoming ventilator

  • Flexible and agile manufacturing

  • Defined worksheets instead of "implied knowledge"

  • Real-time visibility of production status

  • Versatile utilization of automation

I see them as a real partner in our success, and that’s why we continue to work with them.

Richard Davidson

Technical Project Manager at Telenor

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