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The client requested an internal workflow management system capable of performing automated tasks each predefined in workflow templates for the required context.

The developed system was a versatile system that could be used for defining specific workflows for different departments and domains. Each step in the workflow can be assigned to single persons or groups, thus guaranteeing that when the previous actor has completed the assigned task, the system would automatically perform the next set of predefined tasks and assign the upcoming person or group to let them perform their responsibilities in the workflow.

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Core benefits gained

  • Easily defined workflow for a multitude of contexts

  • Online visibility of the workflow status

  • Easy overview of the active party in the workflow

  • Usability in simple email-workflows as well as large internal logical flows

I see them as a real partner in our success, and that’s why we continue to work with them.

Richard Davidson

Technical Project Manager at Mobilepay

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